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Obtaining a Free Trial

Time and Place is normally sold with a 30-Day no questions return policy. However many persons want to, or need to, do their evaluation before ordering. In such cases we provide a 30 day trial period instead.  The trial software will be fully functional in every way other than the expiration date. All of your data will be preserved and usable with your final version. The only change which will be required when upgrading to the full version will be replacing the temporary T&P.LIC file with a permanent one.

Fill in the following form.  Be sure to include your correct e-mail address.  We will return e-mail to you instructions along with a t&p.lic file good for at least 30 days. (We usually process trial requests once per day.)

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The t&p.lic file that we send you will need to be added to the database directory. If you have copied the t&p.lic file to a diskette and have it in the A: drive while running the setup program the setup program can do it for you.Note: The license file which we send you as an attachment must be saved as t&p.lic.  Many e-mail servers, out of concern for auto-executing hostile e-mail attachments, will randomly change the name of the attachment.  It might come with a .dat or a .bin or a .att extension (among others) and may have a random name.  In any case the file should be saved as t&p.lic in order to be seen by the time and place program.