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Asset Information



Each Asset (row) on the schedule grid represents a single location or other item which is scheduled. The general information which is kept for each asset is:Asset Name: The name which appears in the row label and in most reports. It can be up to 15 characters long. Each asset must have a distinct name.Description: A longer description which will appear in the pop-up caption when the cursor is moved over the row label.Max. Occupancy: The maximum capacity of the room. The attendees field of any reservation for this asset cannot be set higher than this number or, when copying or moving a reservation with a higher number of attendees, the reservation cannot be placed here. This will be indicated by having the row label appear in strikeout text.

Location: Non-locations are indicated in the grid by having their labels shown in italic text

Image: The image that will appear in the row label if images are enabled. Custom image sets can be created.