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Customizing the Grid


Display Properties/Hours Image


The user can, at any time, change the hours that are visible on the screen. Making hours invisible does not affect reservations that occur during those times.

Display Properties/Days Image


The days of the week that are visible on the grid can be changed at any time. Making a day invisible does not affect reservations occurring on that day.

Display Properties/Grid Image

Size and Scale

The size of the smallest grid unit and the period of time that it represents can be changed at any time. The choices for scale are 5 Minutes, 10 minutes, 15, minutes, 30 minutes, hours, and days.

Display Properties/Help Image

Help Settings

Individual control is provided as to which elements provide pop-up tips and which actions will present confirmation dialogs.

Display Properties/Colors Image

Grid Colors

The user can at any time change how the grid is colored and filled. Each computer in a multi-user setting can have their own settings.

Display Properties/Labels Image

Row Labels

The user can at any time change the height and width of the row labels as well as whether they are shown in bold face type and if the small image is to be displayed.

Display Properties/Events Image

Event Labeling and Log File

The user can control what labels will appear in the events and the pop-up tips that appear when the cursor passes over the event on the grid.

If the event label is too long for the event on the screen it is not shown but the event pop-up will still occur.

The user can also set from this dialog whether or not a separate log file is kept of every change to the reservations.

Display Properties/Defaults Image

Default Behaviors

Several default behaviors can be set for the program.

Use previous reservation as defaults for new can be useful if making several similar reservations but can be troublesome if not.

Locking new reservations by default is useful if the user wants to have all of their reservations locked.

Strict restrictions requires that if a field is restricted for an asset then it cannot be left blank.

Auto-Fill can reduce the amount of repetitive typing necessary to fill in reservation attributes.