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Reservation Information

resinfoEach reservation has several general attributes, an unlimited number of notes, and any number of attendees. Of these attributes the Contact Person, Organization, Event Type and Area can be restricted so that only particular values can be set for an asset. This way the system can enforce rules regarding which organizations can use a particular location, which locations can be used for particular events, and so forth. In addition the number of attendees cannot exceed the maximum occupancy of the room.

resnotesThe locks and passwords feature helps prevent users from inadvertently modifying each other’s reservations. If there is a lock on the reservation an additional action must be taken to open the file. If a password is included with the lock then the action must include giving the correct password. (Because all of the information is stored in an open Microsoft Access database the locks and passwords feature should not be considered secure against malicious attacks or a substitute for network security. Room scheduling, however, is rarely considered highly sensitive information.