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Pricing and Ordering

Time and Place


Time and Place is sold on a network license for a single database of scheduled items (Assets) There is no additional charge to have the software installed on multiple computers so long as there is just one database of scheduled assets

Option 1: Per-Asset Pricing

Per-Asset Pricing is best for customers with a small number of locations or things that they are scheduling, particularly if several persons need to see or use the schedules. Per-Asset Pricing will always be less expensive for customers with 36 or fewer assets.What is an “Asset”?

Number of Assets Price (US$) Product Number
6 $89 T&P6A
12 $149 T&P12A
18 $209 T&P18A
24 $269 T&P24A
30 $329 T&P30A
36 $389 T&P36A
42 $449 T&P42A
Each additional 6 $60 as above….

Option 2: Per-User PricingPer-user pricing is economical for organizations with many things to schedule but a small number of users who need access to the schedules. Pricing is based on the number of simultaneous users, not the total possible. All sessions of Time and Place (Full, User, and Read-only) are included in the user count What is a “Simultaneous User”?

Number of Users Price (US$) Product Number
1 $389 T&P1U
2 $449 T&P2U
3 $509 T&P3U
4 $569 T&P4U
5 $629 T&P5U
6 $689 T&P6U
7 $749 T&P7U
Each additional $60 as above….

License Upgrades Credit is given for the full current cost of the previous license when upgrading to a license of equal or greater value. For credit product numbers add CR to the start of the product number (i.e. CRT&P6A for 6 asset credit)

Module Description Cost (US$) Product Number
Calendar Publishing Allows for exporting calendar information in both delimited and HTML (web) formats. HTML formats include both tabular and calendar output. Both automatic or manual exports can be defined $49 CALPUB
Graphic Analysis Allows a wide variety of analysis graphs to be generated from the Time and Place reservation data.



Additional User Manuals. Additional copies of the user manual beyond the one which is included with Time and Place. $5 TPUSERMAN

 performance as running any large productivity application such as Microsoft Office.

16-Bit Version (Legacy support of Windows 3.1 users only)

Windows 3.1, pointing device, 486 or better processor, 16mb or more of memory.

32 Bit Version (All version of 32 bit Windows, including XP)

Any system meeting box specs for the version of windows that they are running can use Time and Place.

Network Requirements

All peer-to-peer and server based networks supported for shared databases under Microsoft Access. No network services other than file sharing is required.


There is no charge for phone support over regular toll lines, or e-mailed to .

Maintenance updates can be downloaded for free


All Prices in US Dollars.

  1. California residents must add sales tax.
  2. Payment by VISA MasterCard, Amex or Check.
  3. Corporate, Institutional, or Government Purchase Orders accepted with prior approval.
  4. Most orders shipped within 48 hours of receipt.